When it comes to helping with sewer issues, Universal Industrial Services provides what is called Trenchless Sewer Repair.  New technological advancements have led to a better approach to underground pipe installation and repair.  In the past extensive excavation not only caused significant disruptions to your operations and safety concerns, but the capital expenditure was significant…and the process was very time-consuming.  Pipe lining is a more efficient, cost-effective and cleaner method of repairing sewer lines, natural gas supply lines and even water mains.

With minimal excavation and sometimes none at all, we can provide professional repair, installation, and replacement for underground pipes of all kinds, we use the latest innovations in technology and engineering to our advantage.

All of our work comes with a warranty and as with our other projects, you will receive a comprehensive written repair estimate.
Trenchless Technology Benefits
  • Lifetime warranty;
  • No excavation, or jack hammering;
  • Safe for potable water lines and the environment; (NSF 14 & 61 Approved)
  • Costs less than traditional dig and replace method;
  • Improves flow efficiency;
  • Blocks root intrusion;
  • Seals open joints;
  • Seals missing sections.